Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q-What sort of product warranty do you provide?

A-All of our products are guaranteed for at least 1 year of normal use.  Many are guaranteed for up to 10 years.  Our philosophy is simple–it is simply not cost effective  nor customer-centric to produce and distribute products for which you cannot provide a warranty.

Q-What is included in your product weight specifications?

A-We have tried to accurately present the approximate weight of each product, including, where applicable, any cases that are part of the standard purchase.  Graphic panel weights are not included but can be estimated during the confirmation of your order.

Q-I want to purchase complete products, including the graphics needed for my display.  Why are graphics not included in your online pricing?

A-Note that this is not a full e-commerce site–rather, this is a simple catalog site where you can use a shopping cart feature to let us know your products of interest.  We will then contact you and review your full printing options, including complete pricing, delivery times, print file requirements, and the range of printing options which we provide.

Q-Why is the extra step required–why not just let me order online?

A-We still believe that nothing is more powerful and conclusive than people talking with people.  And we believe that the vanishing asset of excellent Customer Service is one of the strongest benefits we can provide.