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Lablearner 10' EGO back wall with ability to reconfigure to larger inline booth spaces for upcoming shows, including NCEA IN Orlando


Purpose1 was founded by Carlton Shank in 1987, initially as Purpose Media Associates. In 1997 Dan Liberatore, our current CEO, began his role with Purpose1 as an intern. In 1999, he took on a full time position as a graphic designer. For over a decade, Dan worked his way into every major role in the company, learning all aspects of the business. In 2011 he purchased the Purpose1 from Carlton Shank to make his own mark on the company’s future.  These many years of experience has allowed Dan to bring a hands-on approach to understanding the challenges that our customers and team face when marketing at trade shows.

Today at Purpose1, Dan leads a team of creative, ingenuity driven individuals offering a customized approach to trade show exhibits and environments, bringing together a variety of visual solutions to uniquely showcase your message and branding.


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